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Hello everyone! I recently got my hands on the Create a Sim demo, so I started creating a bunch of Disney-inspired sims. Then I thought “If I can make Disney-inspired sims why don’t I make book inspired sims?”. So here I am with this post, where I’ll show you how I created Clary and Jace from the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare!

TS4CAS 2016-03-04 15-47-18-81.jpg

So, this is a close up of Clary. Overall, I’m happy with how she looks even though the hair isn’t the best. Unfortunately, it was the best choice for a curly hair. I’m very pleased with how her eyes turned out: they’re just the right size and the color is perfect.

TS4CAS 2016-03-04 15-40-44-46.jpg

As for the body, since we can’t change sims’ hight, I could only make her skinny to represent her petite body. For her everyday outfits I decided to create two: a “Mundane-styled” one and a more “Shadowhunter-looking” one. For the Mundane outfit I decided to just give her jeans and a plain sweater, with a pop of color in those red sneakers.

TS4CAS 2016-03-04 16-43-44-16.jpg

Her Shadowhunter outfit is plain black. Since there’s not an option for black skinny jeans I gave her black leggings, with a black leather jacket and black boots. Since she has the jacket on you can’t see it, but to represent runes I gave her an arm tattoo.

In terms of traits/aspiration I gave her the painting aspiration since she’s so artistic. For the same reason, I gave her the creative and art lover traits and to mix it up a bit I also gave her the bro trait.


Moving on to Jace…

TS4CAS 2016-03-04 16-05-10-55.jpg

I’m very pleased with how his face turned out, a bit less with his outfits and traits/aspiration.

His face is pretty much the way I pictured it while reading the book. I wasn’t sure about the hair color, I thought that maybe it should have been a bit more yellow toned but in the end I chose this color and I think it really suits him.

TS4CAS 2016-03-04 16-04-59-74.jpg

His outfit’s a bit boring, but he’s a full time Shadowhunter, so I didn’t really know what clothes to put him in. Again, to represent the runes, I gave him the arm tattoo.

One thing that bothers me are his aspiration and his traits. The aspiration I gave him is the sports one. I didn’t feel like it suited him well, but I think his aspiration would be to be an amazing Nephilim, and the sports aspiration is the closest one. His traits are: self-assured (which I know is not really accurate, but what can I do?), music lover and romantic. I wasn’t sure if I was going to give him the romantic or the hot-headed trait. In the end I chose the romantic one just to balance a bit his self-assured trait.


If you have The Sims 4 and would like to download these sims, just search for #SimMyBooks on the gallery!

If you have any suggestion for other book-related characters you’d like me to make into sims, write them in the comments!



One thought on “Sim My Books

  1. Hello Anna, the characters are very beautiful, the Clary clothes are sporty and I really like it, I see that you’re cool, you too you dress like this? Fray has a physical athlete looks the same to your dad ??? 😉 Bye Bye Bye


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