Best of 2015 – Books

Hello everyone! Since tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, I decided to do a “best of”. Today, it’s going to be best books I read in 2015!

Just to let you know, this will not be a list of the best books released in 2015, but a list of the books I enjoyed the most in 2015. That said, let’s begin!


5) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell



4) The true meaning of Smekday  by Adam Rex



3) The Host by Stephenie Meyer



2) Animal Farm by George Orwell



And my absolute favourite book of 2015 is… *drumroll*


1) All the bright places by Jennifer Niven


This book really hit me. I just love it a lot. It became one of my favourite books of all times, and even though I read it in May, sometimes I catch myself thinking about Finch and Violet!



These were my favourite books in 2015! Happy new year!









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