Spooky Movies 🎃

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween! If you wanted to see a spooky/horror movie tonight with your friends here’s a list of my favourite ones!

The first one is actually a series of horror movies, and it’s the Insidious trilogy. I feel like they get better and better throughout the three films. The first one, I found to be not so scary and even a bit ridiculous. The second one was quite good, a prequel telling the story of the protagonist’s father,  explained better the story and was kinda scary. The third one, which is a prequel to the first one, was the best one out of all, and the scariest, too.


From the same directors, I also really like Sinister. I find this one to be a lot scarier but still good.


If you are more keen on spooky rather than horror, then I highly suggest one of Tim Burton’s animated movies, especially Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie. I actually prefer Nightmare Before Christmas, but I think that’s more of a Christmas movie (like the title suggests). These films are a little bit spooky, but also very funny.


If however you are more interested in TV series, my favourite ones are American Horror Story and Scream Queens. American Horror Story is, like the title says, horror. In my opinion, the best seasons are the first one and the fourth one and I’m also enjoying the fifth one although Jessica Lange is not in it. Scream Queens is from the same producers as American Horror Story and Glee and I think it’s a mix of them. It’s kinda scary, but at the same time super funny.


And that’s it! Those are my favourite spooky/horror movies/series!

Let me know if you like them and see you soon in a new blog post!


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