Inside Out

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to review Inside Out, the last movie released by Disney Pixar.


I had heard amazing things about this movie so I was hoping that all the hype around it would make me disappointed because I expected so much more. That’s exactly what did NOT happen. I was so pleased with this movie! It is truly a masterpiece.

First of all, before the movie the cinema projected “Lava”, which is an amazing short-movie that was already worth the cost of the ticket .


In case you don’t know, the plot is all about understanding our emotions and see the consequences of certain behaviours.


The animation is beautiful, the soundtrack on point and the story is so well thought! I think it’s the best thing about the movie. I really wish there was a book based on the movie. Plus, the story was actually thought by one of the directors! A character I especially liked is Bing Bong, wich reminded me of the Heffalump for some reason. He was so adorable!

Anyways, this movie was a rollercoaster of emotions, it almost made me cry in the end and I am very tempted to see it at the cinema again.

Rating: 10 out of 10


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