Girl Online


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Author: Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella)

Synopsis: Penny has a secret. Under the name of Girl Online every day she writes a blog. Hiding behind her nickname, Penny shares her thoughts and her feelings about friendship, love, school, her weird family and those terrible panic attacks which dramatically affect her life. Right when things start to get really bad her parents decide to go on Holiday in New York. There she meets Noah, a handsom boy with a passion for playing the guitar. Penny falls in love for the first time and writes every moment of this daydream on her blog. But Noah has a secret, too: a secret so big he could blow Penny’s cover and ruin the friendship with her best friend.

Review: Let me begin saying I am a fan of Zoella on YouTube. So when I saw her book, I decided to pick it up with very low expectations because I would never have thought Zoella could actually write a good book. Then I heard the rumours about this book being ghost-written. I don’t know if these rumours are actually true, but I think it’s rather likely Zoe wrote this on her own (with some help, of course).

It’s not a bad book, but it’s not great either. The writing is…basic, I guess, and throughout the whole book I felt like the author was struggling to relate to teenagers so bad I found it a bit awkward.

The plot is nothing special, even though I think it got better in the end of the book. It’s not meant to be an autobiography, but Zoe has definitely been inspired by her personal experiences. I also think the panic attacks haven’t been described very well. It looks like they’re just a ten-minutes cry, when in reality they’re much worse than that.

Now, I’m going to get a little bit into details so if you don’t want to get spoiled don’t read the following sentences.

Okay so, Penny doesn’t know Noah is a famous singer because she’s from Brighton and he’s from New York. This could be believable, if it wasn’t for the fact that her BEST FRIEND (as Penny called Megan at the very beginning of the book) knows who he is! How can they never have talked about him? I find it extremely odd.

I also found out that there’s going to be a sequel to Girl Online. Is it necessary? No! Will I read it? Of course I will!

In the end, it’s not a bad book but I wouldn’t really recommend it.


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