The Land Of Stories – The Wishing Spell

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Rating: 5 stars out of 5 stars

Author: Chris Colfer

Synopsis: Alex and Conner Bailey’s world is about to change. When the twins’ grandmother gives them a treasured fairy-tale book, they have no idea they’re about to enter a land Beyond all imagining: the Land of Stories, where fairy tales are real. But as Alex and Conner soon discover, the stories they know so well haven’t ended in this magical land:Goldilocks is now a wanted fugitive, Red Riding Hood has her own Kingdom, and Queen Cinderella is about to become a mother! The twins know they must get back home somehow. But with the legendary Evil Queen hot on their trail, will they ever find a way?

Review: If you’re a fan of fairy tales, this book is for you. It’s definitely a must-read for everyone who loves book series. At first its plot reminded me of Once Upon a Time (the TV show) but it’s different and much more beautiful! During the book I could relate to both Alex and Conner. They’re so smart and adorable at the same time. Every place was described beautifully and it was all so magical. It was just as being transported into another dimension together with Alex and Conner and help them during their journey. There even are a couple of plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your chair.

Another  amazing thing is that in the book there’s a map of the Land of Stories so you can follow the twins’ adventure step by step. Before starting reading the book I had fun trying to figure out which building belonged to which fairy tale.

I also like the fact that we get to see the fairy tales we all loved as children from another point of view (for example, I never thought about everything Aurora must have gone through after waking up from a one-hundred-years nap). Another thing pointed out by this book is that most of the villains are evil because they’re villainized by circumstance, and if we read a story from the villain’s point of view we could see that evil isn’t born and there’s a reason for everything bad they’ve done.

Chris Colfer was able to create a world everyone would expect to be perfect, and has shown that any world has its own flaws, but we can still find reasons to enjoy our lives living there.

At last, even though it’s considered a children’s book, I think  it’s more enjoyable for teenagers.  I think it’s as much of a children book as Harry Potter is. It’s a book I definitely recommend and I’m looking forward the second one.

Memorable quote: “Why do fairies always just show up and do nice things for people they don’t know?”


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